Every year, Fame take's it's students to a diverse array of performance opportunities including festivals, competitions, fashion shows, charity projects, music videos, school performances, sports halftime shows and demonstrations.

Some of these projects are local and others have us travel outside of the country. Examples include performing at the United Nations in New York, several performances at Disneyland Anaheim and Florida, performing at the 5-star Mexican resort Riu Palace in Puerto Vaillarta, performing regularly in Los Angeles at Celebrate Recovery as well as Kidz Jams in the projects of LA. We have also produced several music videos filmed in Las Vegas and Los Angeles.

Fame always strives to offer a wide variety of experiences for our students - from the performer that enjoys the thrill of the audience up to the dancer/model who wishes a professional career in dance, acting, or modelling.

On it's 20th anniversary, Fame is officially opening FDC International, a program dedicated to the intensive student enrolled in our company program wishing the extra challenge of competing and/or performing at an International  level.

Fame has participated in numerous International events over the past 20 years with great success and we are very excited to brand this program this year, wanting to inspire our students to acheive this level of performance, hard work and dedication to the art form.

This program is by audition only and dancers will be recommended to International events.


International events this year will be presented at our fall parent meetings and more information about each one will be posted on this page.

2019-2020 Competitions include

Hollywood Vibe - Seattle

Hip-Hop International

Starquest - San Jose

2019-2020 Performance and Video shoots include

Music video shoot with Rap Artist Jitsu Gaiden - Los Angeles

Celebrate Recovery - Los Angeles

Dream Centre Skid Row music video shoot - Los Angeles

Kidz Jam performances - Los Angeles

Liturgical performances and video shoot - Israel