Hi All!

Great registration week!

If you missed it, no worries at all! More in person registrations all of next week and you can also register by texting me back and we will arrange everything by email! Super easy ๐Ÿ™‚

Topic: Our September year end show and photo day!

Chatting with several of you during fall registration week, I have heard many different opinions and requests so I would like to offer the following solution for us to have fun, celebrate and keep everyone safe!

We are going to schedule a fun dance party class!

We will ask everyone from last year to wear their costumes!

We will go through our old dances, learn some new moves and have a dance party, ending where everyone will be invited to show their own moves! Our teachers will take a video of everyone dancing in their squares in costume and post on your whatโ€™s app chat!

If you lost your costume, please wear any fancy costume you would like! I know some may be tight now but pop into it for us just for one lesson ๐Ÿ™‚๐Ÿ™‚ Dates posted below!

Just in case a student canโ€™t make our dance party, we will also invite our last years students to attend any additional classes during the first three weeks of dance for free that they would like to try! They are also welcome to attend any or all of our four additional workshop days throughout the year!

Dance Party and photo shoot!

***Please rsvp your attendance ASAP!

Spiritwood, Wednesday Sep 23

Bonnyville, Monday sept 28

Lloyd, Tuesday sept 29

Glendon, Wednesday sept 30

Elk point, Thursday Oct 1

Provost, Friday Oct 2

Goodsoil, Sunday Oct 4

From Nicole Noyce:

Noyce Photography is excited to be photographing again!  The safety of the dancers is our first priority and we will be following Covid 19 safety protocols.  We have recorded all payments collected from the spring of this year and will apply your credits to your new orders.  Please reply to confirm if your dancer will participate in photo day so we can plan our schedule.  Thank you!

P.S. The photos that Nicole will do to keep everyone safe will be solo shots, one at a time in costume, and she will then mount members of each dance class together on a collage!