note: if you are an elk point, spiritwood or pierceland student, you do not need to come to one of the drop off sessions - just hand form in with payment before the deadline!

note: count years of dance experience from the age of 6 and up!




Fame Dance Studios Ltd. Festival/Company Program - 10 Most Frequently Asked Questions

1.  What is a festival?     

A festival is where dancers go to perform their dance numbers and have them adjudicated by a dance professional other than their dance instructor. At a festival, all dancers receive a medal vs a competition where only the top groups receive recognition. Some festivals also give out awards to the performers/groups receiving the highest marks.

2.  Who can go?     

Anyone in the festival /professional program is eligible to go to the festivals but must first be approved by Miss Sarah. The instructors in consultation with Miss Sarah will decide which groups are eligible to attend which festivals. However, if a dancer has not learned the number adequately or does not show sufficient preparedness because of lack of home practice or commitment, the instructor may ask that a dancer not take part in a festival. There are no refunds for festival fees. Also, if a dancer is not up to performance standard the day of the festival, they may be asked not to participate in that number. Again, no refunds will be given. Any dancer who has outstanding fees for costumes, festival fees or dance fees will not be allowed to dance in festivals.

3.  Who chooses the festivals and how many are we expected to attend?

Miss Sarah chooses the festivals that Fame Dance Studios Ltd. dancers will attend. Miss Sarah tries to choose festivals which will be a positive experience for the dancers. Two or three dance festivals are chosen. Dancers are expected to participate in ALL festivals THAT THE GROUP IS ASKED TO PARTICIPATE IN.

4. My dancer is unable to attend a festival. Do I have to fill in a consent form?    

Yes. ALL dancers must hand in a consent form. If your dancer is unable to attend, the form should be handed in notifying the studio complete with parent signature. If no form is handed in, festival registration fees will be paid for your dancer and you will be expected to reimburse the studio. A verbal response is not official notification that a dancer is unable to attend. Late fees WIL be assigned for forms handed in past the deadline.

5. Can I get a refund for my festival registration fees?    

Once festival forms and fees have been handed in and sent to the festival organizers, NO REFUNDS can be given out.

6.  Do we have to pay to watch our dancer(s) perform?

Yes, most festivals charge an admission fee to help cover their costs.

7.  Do I have to book a hotel for every day of the festival?

No, it will depend on which day your dancer(s) performs. Those dancers with only one number will have to go up for one day. You may want to book a hotel the night before as dance festivals start as early as 8:00 a.m. If your dancer is in multiple numbers, you may want to book for the entire time and then cancel if necessary. Hotels fill up quickly and the studio does not make your reservations for you.

8. When do we find out when our dancer(s) will perform?

Festival organizers usually send out a draft program to the studio about a month in advance of the festival. When the studio receives its copy, dancers will be notified in class. It is up to the parents to find out when their dancer(s) will be performing. Please check our web-site under festivals. Times may change so please check the web-site the week before festivals. The studio WILL NOT notify each student of their dance times.  

9. What hair style and make-up do we use?

Miss Sarah or the dance instructor will hold a tutorial re: hair and make-up. As well, hair and make-up is all listed with helpful picture tutorial on the “HAIR AND MAKE-UP GUIDE” on the website. If you have further questions ask your dancer’s instructor or Miss Sarah. Each dancer is responsible for their own make-up and hair supplies.

10. Does our costume deposit cover everything?

NO, your costume deposit covers a basic costume cost estimate. Fame Dance Studios Ltd. tries not to have festival costumes go over $130.00, although sometimes this is unavoidable. You will be responsible for paying any costume balance. This includes all accessories such as hair scrunchies, earrings, hats, gloves, etc. A costume invoice will be handed out before the year-end show with payment expected by the deadline on the invoice. Late fees will apply for those who do not pay by the deadline on the invoice.

If you have ANY questions regarding festivals, please contact Miss Sarah at 780-871-1494 // e-mail:  A more in-depth informational package about festivals will be posted on the web-site closer to festival time.



-All competitors are responsible for getting their competition times from the schedules on the fame studios website. Please check the web-site regularly to see if a final schedule is there and if there are any further changes.

-Festivals usually charge an admission fee to watch the performances. The amount varies from festival to festival.  Usually one-day, two-day, or week-end passes can be bought. Some festivals charge per session i.e. morning or afternoon session. Dancers are not charged an admission fee, but they may be asked for the group name and time of performance.

Once you get to the festival, please find the designated change room and practice room. These rooms are usually clearly labeled. As well, please buy a program and highlight your dance numbers immediately to make sure that the competition has not changed our times. We always suggest getting to these events early on your first day to complete all of these important tasks!

-Please arrive at the theatre with hair and make-up done if possible as dressing rooms can be very crowded-often shared with more than one studio. Do not leave any valuables in the change or practice rooms.

-Before you leave your home, please double check that you have all the pieces required for your dance (costume, props, wigs, shoes, etc)

-Bring a water bottle and a light snack for in-between numbers.

-Meet in the practice room 1(ONE) HOUR AND 15 MINUTES PRIOR to your performance time. e.g. if you are listed in the program as performing at 9:00 a.m. meet in the practice room at 7:45 a.m. in costume with your hair and make-up finished. Miss Sarah always needs groups, solos, duos, trios, to be waiting for her in the practice room stretching. If you do not see Miss Sarah in the practice room, please wait there and keep stretching and do not go and look for her. If she is not in the practice room, she is back stage with another dance number and students are not allowed back stage until their scheduled time. Competitions have the right to run early-especially if there are many cancellations. They have been known to run over 30 minutes early.

-All performers must stretch and go through their numbers twice before going on stage. If you arrive at the practice room late but rehearse your number once, you will still be allowed to perform with your group on stage if Miss Sarah feels that you are able to perform to the best of your ability. If after two run-throughs, a performer is unable to perform to the best of their ability for whatever reason e.g. sick or not feeling well, Miss Sarah will ask that performer to sit out that number to be fair to the other performers in the group. If you arrive at the practice room late enough to miss both run-throughs of your group then no, you will not be allowed to perform with your group on stage. This rule is in place to be fair to all performers and to ensure a proper warm-up and go through of each dance. The only exception to this rule is if we have a quick change and cannot get in our two run-throughs. Parents are not allowed backstage.

-If you have an extra (solo, duo, or trio), always bring a back-up tape/i-pod/CD of your music.

-If an emergency arises, and you cannot make it to the festival: e.g. Road condition, please contact Miss Sarah at (780)871-1494 a.s.a.p. and leave a message if no one answers.

-We do not make up classes that are in festivals as our rehearsal time before we compete and the festival time is our class.

-After you have danced and been adjudicated, you are free to leave, but we strongly encourage you to stay and watch some of the other performances.

-Every year I am very proud of the Fame dance students as several organizers of dance competitions have noticed how polite, responsible, quiet and encouraging to others our students are. We remind all students to keep this trend going by continuing to wish good luck to other students, not run around the dance festival and to always maintain professional behavior. Festivals have the right to disqualify students that demonstrate bad behavior. -  NO CAMERAS, VIDEO CAMERAS OR RECORDING DEVICES ARE ALLOWED IN THE THEATRE! Any person ignoring this rule may subject the studio, group or person to disqualification.

-If you have any questions about festivals, please ask.