Covid update for November & December, 2020

Hi Fameily! Ok here we are after the last 2 days of COVID announcements!

For Bonnyville, Cold Lake & Glendon Fame dancers, as mandated by the Government of Alberta, we must switch our group classes to group zoom sessions. We look forward to everyone's participation! We have been working hard to get our Christmas dances ready & will continue to practice our steps across zoom for the next 2 weeks at the regular class day & time. Links will be provided on our What's App group chats before the classes start. (We have sent invitation links out to everyone for these chats and 95% of parents are in their correct chat! Some have not joined yet & we urge you to, please). We hope to have in person classes resume when school resumes the week of January 11th where we will do an in person class/dance party to finish term 1 & show off our Christmas dances!

Blackfoot and Provost Fame students continue as normal!

Goodsoil students, please check your What's App chat!

Lloyd & Spiritwood students are all a go for classes of 8 students or less! Please check your What's App chat for any changes but majority will stay as is! We ask and remind all parents & students to keep up with our health protocols of continuing to sign health waivers, mask yourself & your student & regularly hand sanitize with provided or personal hand sanitizer!

Love you all so much Fameily!


Covid Protocols, Rules, Videos

Fame Covid Protocold and rules - pdf

Covid How To come to Class! Part 1 - video link

Covid How To come to Class! Part 2 - video link

Covid Health Questionnaire How to - video link

Adding Questionnaire to your Home screen - video link

Covid Health Waiver Links


Cold Lake:



Elk Point: